You more than likely arrived here after a very smart friend referred you to us, or you asked your web browser for some information about improving your business (band, group, whatever), having advertisements designed, or even creating an entire brand or professional online image. No matter the source of your redirection you have definitely landed in the right place!

Foulk Hyper Offices

My name is David Foulk and this is the official web presence of Foulk Hyper Offices, sometimes known by it’s shorter name Foulkhoff. It’s a little silly but definitely shorter, and you can find us at foulkhoff.com as well.

This is not only a business consulting company, but also might quickly become your best friend in the business world. I build websites, create graphics, work with online payment systems, integrate databases, create custom web content,  build html5 games, design and implement Facebook applications, help with loss prevention, new product development, and I can even provide training services for you or your staff on many different types of computer programs and procedures.

I have not only spent my life preparing to help you with your business needs, but also developing my love of being on stage. I have been doing magic and performing in front of people since I was 13 years old. I have also worked behind the scenes on many different types of shows running lights, and sound equipment.

I have acted in a number of productions including a lead role as “Dracula“, I also played George the bath angel, Angus the flight instructor, and provided voice services for the voice of God in a production of “The Littlest Angel” as well. Throughout my years of performing I have also developed a massive suite of audio/video production and development equipment that I can use to help you create your next big project. I can handle any size project from a simple YouTube video, all the way up to a full length feature film. Check out a movie I”m working on right now that will change movie history forever! Flash Mob Zombie!

I have created a full portfolio page that contains links to my work on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace! Check out the site, and then call me for a FREE consultation!

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