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What do you say about Twitter? Wikipedia describes Twitter in this way:

Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.

If you are like most people they think Twitter is just for stars and/or ridiculous people like Paris Hilton, or some one with nothing real to say. While that may sometimes be true there are many people on Twitter with funny or positive messages that are not part of the Problem.

As a business person you must try to ignore the negative stereotypes about the service that many people say is amazing and indispensable. Companies use Twitter to engage their public and share company news, various industry stories and other interesting articles.

The people who use Twitter on a daily basis love the immediacy and reach it provides. Others say its not about finding fans, it’s about talking to artists and other like minded people they can connect with fans, and generally talk to people they probably wouldn’t otherwise. 

Either way it’s very hard to ignore the sheer number of people that can be reached by the service. Twitter’s about page says that they have 175 million users. Through Twitters own API you can find a little more useful information. Research shows that only 119 million people actually follow at least one account. This does narrow the margin but those numbers still are not the most important ones to reach. A better group to hit is the more than 56 million people that follow 8 or more accounts. These are the users that are they most active, and also the most important to find. These people are the ones who will show up at your sale or event!

With Twitter, finding success is less about getting a million people viewing you and more about getting the RIGHT people paying attention to you.

Twitter is an invaluable tool for your business and is one that must not be overlooked due to hype. I try build a Twitter page for every business I deal with as a part of their social networking package, and if it is set up properly updating it could become your favorite time of day. With the number of people walking around with smart phones growing quickly it’s hard to pass up a FREE service that can ring your customers en masse easily.

Here’s a few accounts I manage:

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