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YouTube is the largest video sharing site any where on the internet. It is also one of the most fun ways to promote your business. Whether you make a quick 30 second spot for your business or put out a weekly video cast nothing can increase peoples awareness of you faster than posting videos on line either on YouTube or Facebook.

This may be a little off topic but let’s just talk about Facebook for a second. Facebook changes a lot but there is one thing that holds true. People receive a lot of posts on their wall and some times information passes by too quickly for people to actually see it before it’s gone. A fast moving wall can bury a post in minutes. While nothing can stop your message from drowning under the weight of other posts, posting videos regularly can slow down the speed of your sinking message.

To remedy this situation, Facebook has put content controls in place, on their pages, for important content. In other words stuff they think people will share more will stay higher.

Facebook lists the order of importance for this content control area and it is as follows:

  1. Post Videos – Videos have the greatest importance and stay at the top longer.
  2. Post Pictures – Pictures are second in line and will stay longer than #3.
  3. Post Text – Status updates and the like pass by the most quickly.

You can see now some of the extra power that posting regular videos to your wall on Facebook from YouTube, Vimeo, or one of the other video sharing sites.

I host a long list of YouTube channels! Here’s a few to check out.

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