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David Foulk as "Dracula"

I have a 24 year history of marching with the drum corps, acting, and doing magic.  That gives me some unique skills that other people or companies may not be able to provide. If you need an actor, director, producer, or sound/lighting crew member on your next excursion, I am someone who can be trusted with even your most important projects.

Whether I’m filming, acting, directing, or producing a project my focus is coming in on time and under budget! I can help you plan anything from a single small scene or monologue, all the way up to a massive Flash Mob event or even a feature film with a full-blown marketing campaign and a complete line of products to accompany it.

Your dreams are not outside your reach with me as your friend. Call me today for a FREE consultation, or check out my summarized acting/magic credentials below. Not all big productions but definitely all note worthy.

1988 – I marched the entire summer all over the place playing the baritone with the “Phantom Regiment Cadets” drum and bugle corps. That was my first time really performing.

1989 – I began doing magic under the tutelage of a great magician in his own right. I quickly became his student, stage hand, and sound/light guy. I also packed and unpacked all the equipment while always watching him and learning how to work a crowd before and after every miscellaneous show he did for the next 4 years.

1990 – I had my first Talent show at Thomas Jefferson Junior High School Waukegan Illinois where I performed a solo act against some tough competition. During the end of the year I started high school. That’s where I began two full years of acting classes in the Waukegan High School drama department. I played the Knave in their production of Alice in Wonderland that fist year, and also worked on many other shows.

1991 – I was the founding President of the Society of Young Magicians Racine, WI chapter. I began taking private magic lessons (long before Hogwarts became so popular) at great expense to my mom (thanks mom), with the amazing magicians at Magic Inc. in Chicago Illinois where I learned a lot about presentation and patter doing closeup magic.

1992 – My first Las Vegas trip where I met World Famous magicians Lance Burton, and saw Siegfried & Roy Live on stage. That was before Roy got the chomp. I also had the extreme privilege of being allowed in the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA where I saw so many other world-famous magicians in one day I cannot remember all of their names. Sorry All! I did closeup table magic at a function for the Waukegan, IL branch of the Stick and Rudder club at the Waukegan Regional Airport where I earned my first flying lesson. I finished that year up by doing a solo 1 hour magic show for the Christmas party of a then major radio station in Waukegan, IL. What a great year!

1993 – I had the honor of meeting David Copperfield and seeing his show.

1994 – This year I spent a while doing magic for any party I could arrange. I had the chance to meet Harry Blackstone Jr. and see him perform live and then met him briefly after the show.

1995-1996 – I did a ton of street magic and close up performances marking a new stage in my career, and my life when I added my first, and only, baby Taylor Raine Foulk born late in 1994.

1998 – I continued to do a little bit of magic but spent more time with my then tiny little daughter.

2010 – In October of this year I played the lead in the long time classic “Dracula” for the Poplar Bluff Stage Company.

David Foulk as “Angus”

I later auditioned for and received three different roles in the Stage Company Christmas performance of The Littlest Angel.

Playing two different characters in “George the bath angel”, and then “Angus the flight instructor” back to back was fun, and then I also added the voice of God on pre-recorded tracks.

What a year! I went from the father of the undead to the Earths mighty creator within two months!

You can hear those “Voice of God” Tracks by clicking the links below (Turn down your speakers first):

Late in the end of this year my daughter and I wrote a project that I believe will change the movie world FOREVER! Flash Mob Zombie is the Worlds first ever all Flash Mob movie.

2011 – In October this year I managed to convince a ton of random individuals to try to create a new kind of movie like none ever made before and we filmed over 250 gigabytes of footage to create Flash Mob Zombie! Check out the first clip from the movie by clicking here.

2012 – Who knows? What Ideas do you have? Lets make them a reality! Call Now for a totally FREE consultation!

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