Don’t forget ads!

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or you”re brand new, you must set up an advertising and marketing budget immediately. I’ve seen too many businesses or groups that open with little thought to advertising, only to close shortly after. I guess they thought they would just open the doors and the customers would just flood in. Conservative estimates show that over 40% of small businesses close down in the first five years. I’m sure they didn’t plan to fail, more like they failed to plan. Don”t let this happen to you! Call me NOW for FREE!

Having a good advertising plan probably won”t be entirely FREE, but shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to stay afloat. There are almost unlimited services and websites offering expansive online technologies, services, and listing sites that you can use largely for FREE. If I can help you set up any of this CALL ME for your FREE Consultation immediately!

Advertising the standard way!


Advertising today comes in many flavors. Conventional ads on television, magazines, newspapers, and radio are all still great ways to advertise, but they are being squeezed out in today’s ultra competitive high tech markets. You can reach more people via the internet or cell/smart phones now than any other type of ads or marketing. If your business is not already using the internet to increase business and exposure in the digital world CALL ME NOW FOR FREE!

I often hear business people say “You must spend money to make money”, but I think the statement is more correct as, “You must spend money ON ADVERTISING to make money.” While that is true a good plan can minimize the investment that is necessary!

Google, Facebook, and many others offer a huge selection of “FREE” services that people don”t seem to be able to live without like web search services, image search, maps, YouTube, news, email services, online document sharing in the cloud, books, blogging, friends, games, online calendars, sharing, and so much more it”s mind boggling. In exchange, for their amazing range of services, the only thing they ask is that they be able to show you a few advertisements based on things they already know, by your own admission, that you want or enjoy.

The real power of their advertising services lies in the fact that you can target exactly who will see your ad and also very easily control how long your campaign will last. Instead of just hitting any person that might possibly search the phone book for your services, your business or group is able to target your key demographic specifically. If Facebook and Google are not your specialty then call me now for a completely FREE Consultation!

I know that a consultation with me will help you! There are so many ways to advertise that I know I can help point you in the right direction! Check around! Call a few other companies and see what they’ll give you for free, and then call me!

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