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Foulk Hyper Offices brings with it a huge array of skills and services, to help you succeed where many fail. Having the right strategy is the first step, but execution of the strategy is crucial, and that is where many companies fall down. Usually, the failure is in business processes that do not serve the customer or are inefficient. Sometimes, the process is broken and needs to be completely redesigned. In other cases, the process is sound, but inefficient and needs  improvement.

In either case, we can help you analyze existing processes, identify problems/bottlenecks, and redesign or improve processes to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Our approach to business is grounded in expertise, and we are dedicated to improving productivity and profit for our clients. We have broken down a few of our services below.

General Consulting

As a general business consulting firm, we help you meet the most demanding and complex business problems head on. For some clients, we manage the inherent conflicts and challenges of day to day business, for others we create entire products, brands, and the advertising to support them. We aspire to make marketing, products, and brands for individuals and organizations that build strong alliances with customers.


We can you help you put together a marketing/advertising campaign.  Advertising is not just about creating one ad. It’s more about creating a group of ads that all work together to build your group or business in a positive manner, while maintaining a good strategic advertising plan. Crafting an ad that makes people remember your group is the most important thing your business can do to forward it self in today’s competitive markets.


We not only build websites and do graphic design, we also help people learn computer skills. Our training services range from basic usage, to specific programs, and general computer procedures. We can train you or your employees in a variety of programs some of which are listed below!

Windows programs including

  • XP
  • Vista
  • Windows 7

Microsoft Office programs including

  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Access

Adobe Suite programs including

  • Photoshop
  • Fireworks
  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • Premier Elements
  • After Effects

There are so many more programs that we can help you with you might as well just call us for FREE!

Custom Content

Some business people have trouble when it comes to writing a report or even a simple memo. From producing newsletters to corporate annual reports, we can help you create and produce any kind of custom written content. If you need some custom content for your website we can research and write an article on nearly any subject. We can also help you create an entire print ad campaign or even launch a new newspaper, magazine, newsletter, or website.


Strategy is that part of management that defines the future of a business, including its business model, plans for growth, and ways of defending itself against external threats and competition. In recent years, many companies cut back or eliminated strategic planning. They rationalized that it was too difficult, given the rapid pace of change. But as many companies learned from the dot-com meltdown, a realistic business model and strategy are essential for survival. The challenge for most companies is to find the time, resources, and expertise to do strategic planning effectively.

Strategic planning is a process for evaluating your business, your strategic direction, and road mapping the strategic plan in practical actions. A strategic plan explains why an organization exists, says what it is trying to accomplish, and the tactics it will take to achieve its goals and objectives.

Public Relations

Getting good press coverage for any organization is a real art, and creating bad press coverage can be as simple as uttering one wrong word. Having someone that fully understands the details of of portraying your company in the best possible light is sometimes the ultimate keys to success. While you may be the best at what you do, saying something out of line can cost you everything, so let us help you class up the joint a little. Check out our portfolio to see some of our work!

Strategic Partnership Planning

Connect with other professionals that can offer complimentary services to you can be very beneficial to a new business, but finding just the right people to work with can be tough. We can help you find other non competing businesses to partner with immediately, or develop a plan for your group specifically that will lead to future partnerships as well. Call us for a FREE consultation today!

Loss Prevention

Leakage or loss can be the highest of all your expenses if you do not have rock solid, and secure procedures in place for your group. Let us ride along and navigate the treacherous waters with you. We can not only help you plug the holes in your leaky ship, but we can also develop procedures specific to your own needs as a group. Many companies don’t even realize they may have a problem. Let us help you figure it out before the boat sinks.

Why choose us?

We have consulted numerous businesses facing an array of challenges, and we bring with us a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you prosper. Foulk Hyper Offices provides comprehensive business systems analysis and our services are designed to help you build a stronger organization. Whatever the situation, we take the time to understand your business, and its needs in order to help you make sound, informed decisions.

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