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WordpressWhen it comes to the internet we all think money! It’s true too there is a ton of money to be made on the web if you know what to do. The problem is that unless you have spent extensive time researching web stores and different payment systems setting up your own store could get very difficult, very quickly. Deciding whether to use a standalone web store program, a WordPress CMS with a store module, or a full blown web server with all the bells and whistles requires an in depth knowledge of the actual differences between the options.

Getting deeply into what that all means would take too much time to explain in one page. As a matter of fact it could take years to fully understand even the most basic concepts of accepting online payments. Wouldn’t it be much easier to call someone who can explain what services you will actually need and which things are outside your current reach. I wish I had done that years ago but now I am the guy to call , and the consultation is always FREE!

Online Payment GatewaysI deal with a myriad of different payment systems, and I can help you through those turbulent waters. Deciding on the best method of accepting payments is not only time well spent, but could also help you avoid a lawsuit. Companies get their sites hacked every day and using the right systems can substantially minimize your companies liability as it pertains to your customers privacy. You wouldn’t just drop your car off at any shop, and you should not just pick a web payment system off Googles list. If you need help integrating a payment system or choosing the right eCommerce system for your business call me IMMEDIATELY before it’s too late. The consultation, as always, is FREE!

I can help you with many different types of e-commerce programs, and I can also help you integrate those services with a payment gateway. Here’s a list that includes some of the different ones I can help you with.

E-commerce Programs

    • WordPress shop plugins

Payment Gateways

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