Web Hosting

If you purchase your hosting space and or domain name through Foulk Hyper Offices you can be proud that the computers hosting your new website and email system will be more than 100% eco-friendly.

We use a great hosting service to hold and service all of our websites. Not only do they offer 99% up time but the energy use in their offices and data centers is now offset 200% with wind energy!

You can rest assured that if you allow us to set up and manage your new sites that you will not only be helping the environment, but you are placing your web interests in the protective hands of a company that really cares about your business and our world as well.

Be world conscious!

If your website is built by us we’ll also give you a badge for your site to tell all your friends you’re helping to save the environment one click at a time!

We offer a full range of web hosting services, domain names, graphic/web design, business consulting, loss prevention help, audio/video production, advertising services, and much more at competitive prices! Since every project has different needs. Call us for a FREE consultation!

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