Video Production

Creating high quality video is much easier now than it has ever been , but even that does not make you Stephen Spielberg. Even Steven Spielberg wouldn’t do as well as he does with out all the support staff, writers/actors, and even money managers to make his vision become a reality for us all. What I’m getting at is that everyone needs help, and almost nothing gets done without at least a little help. Give me a chance to help you with your next video project. Consultations are always FREE! Call me NOW!

Not only do I edit and compose any audio necessary for a project I also have multiple full HD video cameras and a massive suite of film editing tools capable of anything from a short commercial to a full length feature film. Check out a quick teaser trailer from a movie I’m making Right NOW called Flash Mob Zombie!

I can help with any size video project from YouTube short to Full length feature. Call me for a FREE consultation Immediately!

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